Industrialectric Squarewave Generator



This is the modified fuzz section of the legendary Schumann PLL, that works on a standard 9v supplY. Incredible massive fuzz squarewave madness. Circuit engineered and designed by my good buddy Kevin from KO Amps.


  • Squarewave: (volume) extremely loud and powerful
  • Waveshape: (tone) can go from a dark rumbling low-pass to a full out range of modulating squarewave, crackling, liquidy, fuzz madness, retains massive low end and tone.
  • Generate: (gain) even at the lowest setting it's still huge sounding, turned all the way up might melt your amp.
  • Regulate: (texture) this serves as a voltage divider, straight up the middle for full out fuzz, to either the left or right you get into gated pure squarewave territory, both sides have different tones and characteristics and can produce some really cool sounds with the gain tweaked as well, but it's always massive.

Pricing: $175 + shipping

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