Industrialectric Incinerator



This is my first main original pedal, it's a pure rare silicon transistor based dual channel fuzz monster with serious possessed oscillations. It can be used as a synth of sorts and so much more. this has turned out to be even better than I imagined and what i always wanted to see in a pedal.


  • input: this applies to the first channel fuzz and is the overall input (drive) of the transistors in the circuit.
  • output 1: the overall output (volume) of the first fuzz channel.
  • output 2: the overall output (volume) for the second fuzz channel.
  • voltage: This starves the voltage (power) to only the first fuzz channel, it works well when combining both channels and also with the oscillations engaged.
  • oscillation range 1&2: each fuzz channel has separate oscillators and their corresponding range controls.
  • oscillation switches 1&2: these are the switches to turn on and off the oscillation.
  • mode switch: this switch applies only to fuzz channel 2, it flips between two modes of oscillation expanding even more possibilities of insanity.
  • npn/pnp - npn switch: this is a transistor switch, it let's you choose between two different variations of transistors.

There are also separate input and output jacks for each channel, by having them separate it gives you tons of possibilities with the fuzzes as well as the oscillations. Big voltage meter to accurately measure how much you starve the machine. Full blown out transistor fuzzes to smooth fuzz and can even be worked as an overdrive and boost. Very synthy textured, wild heavy and harsh, but also can be smooth and very musical, it's an instrument onto itself.

Pricing: $350 + Shipping

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