Immigrant Tone Bender MkI



The Sola Sound Tone Bender MKI was one of the first fuzz pedals available in the UK. Designed by Gary Hurst it was the British response to the American made Gibson Maestro Fuzz Tone FZ-1. Although the circuits are similar (Gary Hurst based the circuit around the FZ-1 structure) the Tone Bender has a much longer sustain and a more powerful "all out" tone due to the modifications that Hurst made to the circuit - 9 volt power instead of 3 volts in the FZ-1 and a tweak of the transistor bias.

Now, there are a few reasons why the Tone Bender MKI is interesting - The Beatles used one, Jeff Beck used one, Pete Townshend of The Who used one aaaaaaannnnnddd Mick Ronson used one too! That tone that Mick gets? Yeah, it's his MKI Tone Bender...

  • 3 USSR NOS matched germanium transistors
  • NOS USSR capacitor 
  • Neutrik jacks and Alpha pots
  • Silk-screen printing
  • Shielded cable for low noise operation
  • Powered by a 9v battery
  • True-bypass switching 

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