Illuston Verb'8 - 8 Reverb Effects


Multi-Effect Processing Pedals for Professional Guitar/Bass Players.

Every effect is representing the legendary sound that musicians really want to get into their music.


  • True-Stereo processing
  • Wide dynamic range up to +4㏈u
  • True-Bypass or Buffer-Bypass with Trails Mode
  • Expression/Tap pedal connection
  • 8 types of effect model for the perfection
  • Saving your tones up to 8 presets

4 Control Knobs

  • DECAY Decay/reverb time that determines how long the reflections persist. Turn clockwise to increase the length. The left hand LED indicates the volume of the reverb with its brightness.
  • LOW END Adjusts the low range frequency of the reverberation. Turn clockwise to obtain a deeper bass sound.
  • HIGH DAMP Attenuates the decay speed in the higher frequency range. Counter clockwise renders a dark and smooth space, while the clockwise direction makes the resonating space feel brighter and colder.
  • MIX Sets the level of the delay and dry sound. At 3 o’clock the volume of the delay is equal to the dry sound (1:1 ratio). Turn further clockwise and the dry sound will disappeared.

8 Effect Presets

  • HALL Feel the majestic reflections of a well-designed concert hall.
  • ROOM This is a natural, orderly reverberations you would experience in a studio live room.
  • PLATE The tidy, polished sound of a studio-grade metal-plate reverb.
  • SWEEP Swinging brilliantly, the sweep reverb makes your song’s sound all the sweeter.
  • GATED A gated reverb only kicks in during play, making for a more powerful and dynamic sound profile.
  • DUCK Feel the unique charm of a ducking delay that responds to your picking.
  • GLITTER Harmonic overtones spread out to emulate the sensation of marbles sparkling in the light.
  • SPRING A perfect reproduction of soft “twangy” sound you would expect from a vintage amp’s tin-can spring reverb unit.

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