Illuston Echo'8 - 8 Delay Effects


Multi-Effect Processing Pedals for Professional Guitar/Bass Players.

Every effect is representing the legendary sound that musicians really want to get into their music.


  • True-Stereo processing
  • Wide dynamic range up to +4㏈u
  • True-Bypass or Buffer-Bypass with Trails Mode
  • Expression/Tap pedal connection
  • 8 types of effect model for the perfection
  • Saving your tones up to 8 presets

4 Control Knobs

  • TIME The delay time increases as you turn clockwise, From a minimum of  10ms to a maximum of 1.2 seconds. The LED on the left blinks in sync with the tap time.
  • REPEATS Repeats/feedback determines how many times the sound is repeated. It maxes out at the 5 o’clock position.
  • TONE Adjusts the general tone of the delay sound. Turn counter-clockwise for a smoother and mellow tone, or clockwise for more of a crisp, clear rendition.
  • MIX Sets the level of the delay and dry sound. At 3 o’clock the volume of the delay is equal to the dry sound (1:1 ratio). Turn further clockwise and the dry sound will disappeared.

8 Effect Presets

  • CRYSTAL A modern digital delay providing a crisp, clear sound.
  • ANALOG The typical tone of a vintage analog BBD delay.
  • TAPE Replicates rich saturation of an analog reel-tap echo used in recording studios.
  • SWEEP Adds a sweet touch to your melody with its vibrant brilliant sound.
  • SWIRL A dynamic texture with tremolo effect.
  • DUCK Feel the unique charm of a ducking delay that responds to your picking.
  • REVERSE The envelope of the sound is reversed to create psychedelic echoes.
  • PING-PONG Add some glamour with a stereo delay and hear the echo ping-pongs from left and right.

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