Ilitch Deep Blues - Dyna Dist Overdrive


Ilitch Electronics

Creates a wide range of tube-style Blues to Rock tones, from a very warm, smooth, clean Overdrive to a biting Distortion with tons of high harmonics.


  • Strong, 1.6 mm, steel chassis.
  • Heavy-duty control pots.
  • External DC power jack.
  • Designed assembled and tested in USA.
  • 100% True Bypass ON-OFF switching.
  • Bright LED indicator
  • 1/4" Input and Output female Jacks
  • 500K Ohm Input Impedance.
  • Less than 10K Ohm Output Impedance.
  • Max. Gain - "DRIVE"@ Max:
    • DYNA Mode (DYNA DIST @ MIN): >35 dB
    • DIST Mode (DYNA DIST @ MAX): >47 dB
  • Unity gain noise: < -110 dBu (0dBu = 0.775Vrmss)
  • Max Input level: >-3 dBu
  • Max Output Signal: >+3 dBu
  • DC Power supply: Battery or Regulated Adapter 9V +/- 1V (DC Jack with "+" on RING)
  • Current consumption @ 9V DC: <4mA when "OFF" and <4mA when "ON".


  • DRIVE - Wide range gain control lets you adjust the overdrive and/or distortion level from very light to an aggressive overdrive and high saturated harmonic distortion.
  • DYNA DIST - Mix control lets you adjust the amount of pure, smooth, tube-type overdrive (full dynamic overdrive setting) with a more aggressive, hard edged, harmonically rich fuzz distortion (full distortion setting) and all points in-between. Full DYNA position (counter-clockwise) lets more of the overdriven tone through, giving you a smooth, rounded dynamic, overdriven tube-like tone. Increasing the DIST level (rotating clockwise) increases the harmonic content for a thick, lush, harmonic filled distortion.
  • TONE - Passive, top end roll off control lets you clean up your tone when maxing out the gain (DRIVE) and harmonic response (DYNA DIST full DIST mode). At its max it has a wide band range so you don't lose any of your original tone. Decreasing will create more darker tones without getting muffled.
  • LEVEL - Smooth, logarithmic control lets you adjust the final output level (active when the Pedal is "ON").
  • All Analog Reliable Performance, selected quality components, and intelligent electronic design gives you consistent performance from studio to stage independent of the size of your amplifier.

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    • manual (PDF, Ilitch Electronics)
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