IdiotBox UFO Noisebox



Ebay is full of simple oscillator box designs homebrewed by the amateur solder soldier. The UFO has those humble origins too, starting with a simple square wave generator and adding a subtle tone control, a knob for pitch and a knob to control a second square wave oscillator to crossmod the main square wave. So you’ve got repeating, stuttering square waves that can dive low and throb some deep bass or be pitched up high for crazy arcade game sounds, or modulated to distort and make the signal more complex. You’ve even got a kill button that you can use to mute the signal at random. What is different about the UFO is that IdiotBox makes it, so it’s RELIABLE and in a metal pedal enclosure so it can take a beating. The sort of instrument you can really WAIL on in the middle of a hot, sweaty, stage-jumping set and not worry it’s gonna fall apart.

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