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We love pedals – this decade has seen so many imaginative builders bringing incredible tone to players. Yet the team at ideaBench saw what people were missing – the ability to easily change sounds quickly live. Combining the knowledge of sophisticated rack systems, large scale audio control systems and the ease of consumer products, the team set out to invent something different – a modular product line that was sonically pure, rugged enough for touring AND fast to set up.

The switchers are sonically transparent using studio grade components.   By splitting the switching from the controller you don’t need to have a big switching unit in the middle of your pedalboard. Mount the foot controller on top and the switching underneath and get more room on your pedalboard for what matters – Pedals! Mix and match foot controllers and switching units. Use the same foot controller with switchers on different pedalboards. Control your MIDI pedals without ever learning MIDI – use the computer App to quickly configure everything.

We have spent countless hours on the design of the Switcheroo line and it is the first switching system that will truly let you get the most out of your pedals. Concentrate on tone, not set-up.

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