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    Glenn Deacey, founder of IC Sound:

      After about 1 year of working after school for my father's company assembling/testing annunciator circuits, I started fabricating foot pedals for fellow students & others at about age 14. Due to budget constraints, I acquired the cabinets from Army surplus & the components from old tube TV sets. I made everything from Fuzz boxes to Wah Wah pedals, the latter being the most labor intensive. This was during high school from 68-71.

      I continued making pedals & repairing/modifying guitars & amps throughout the seventies while working day jobs until 82 when I went full time in the business with the creation of IC SOUND. The first product was the PLD-1 Headphone Amp with built-in distortion & 2.5 watts of power, enough to drive a 4 x 12" speaker cab! This was followed by the "Twang" Lap Steel with singing distortion due to it's on-board mini amp, and a series of 6 guitar/effects related books sold by mail order along with a number of effects kits. Then came the "Tube Wizard" in '86 and the "Demon" in '89.

      Due to unfortunate circumstances I had to close the company in 1990, however by '93 I resurfaced servicing everything from guitars/amps to recording studio equipment for a multitude of clients including Canadian rock icons "April Wine".

      I created the website guitardeals.net in 2005, selling a downloadable PDF Guitar Secrets Compendium as well as a host of other items including guitars, amps & effects.

      I'm currently preparing to release revised versions of the "Tube Wizard" & "Demon" as boutique pedals but without the outrageous prices. If my market tests are successful, these pedals will surface at my website sometime in 2009.


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