Ibanez SM7 Smashbox


  • Drive
    Controls the saturation level. The saturation and sustain effects will increase when the knob is turned to the right.
  • Lo
    The low end is increased when turned to the right and reduced when turned to the left.
  • Hi
    The high-end is increased when turned to the right and reduced when turned to the left.
  • Level
    Controls the overall volume of the pedal. Volume is increased when turned to the right and decreased when turned to the left.
  • Void
    Exclusive noise reduction and rhythm enhancing feature. Works in conjunction with the palm muting technique to create a more rhythmical sound.
    • OFF: Sustain and feedback condition maximized.
    • 1: Reduces noise and enhances rhythm playing.
    • 2: Faster decay time. Reduces the length of the sustain effect and enhances rhythm playing.
  • Edge
    Add more “sizzle” to the high end. High end boost.
    • SHARP: Adds more “sizzle” to the highend.
    • SMOOTH: Reduces the high-end sharpness.



The Smashbox is the most aggressive weapon in the Tone-Lok distortion arsenal. Armed with obscene amounts of gain, tight low end, and searing highs, the Smashbox is THE heavy rock sound for the contemporary guitarist.

the manual

The SM7 provides the guitarist with the most modern and aggressive distortion on the market today. Configured with a scooped mid-range most associated with contemporary heavy rock, the SM7 is voiced with an ultra tight low-end and searing highs, insuring that you get THE heaviest sound around.


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3 reviews, average score of 6.33 / 10

2017-08-086/10  ......
2016-05-238/10  A really good metal/punk/industrial rock distortion with built-in noise gate....
2016-03-065/10  ......

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  • Power supply
    9V battery (S-006P) or AC109, AC309, AC509
  • Current consumption
    14mA maximum
  • Dimensions
    125(D) x 75(W) x 53(H)mm
  • Weight
    460g (with battery)


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