Ibanez SH7 Seventh Heaven


  • Drive
    Controls the saturation level. The saturation and sustain effects will increase when the knob is turned to the right.
  • Lo
    The low end is increased when turned to the right and reduced when turned to the left.
  • Hi
    The high-end is increased when turned to the right and reduced when turned to the left.
  • Level
    Controls the overall volume of the pedal. Volume is increased when turned to the right and decreased when turned to the left.
  • Void
    Exclusive noise reduction and rhythm enhancing feature. Works in conjunction with the palm muting technique to create a more rhythmical sound.
    • OFF: Sustain and feedback condition maximized.
    • 1: Reduces noise and enhances rhythm playing.
    • 2: Faster decay time. Reduces the length of the sustain effect and enhances rhythm playing.
  • Mode
    This switches between two types of distortion.
    • 1: A rich, fat, fuzzy sound in the middle and lower ranges
    • 2: A metallic distortion that emphasizes high and low pitches


the manual

Create pure sonic havoc with the only distortion box designed exclusively for Ibanez's hyper-popular 7-string guitars. Designed in conjunction with some of today's hottest 7-string players, the 7th Heaven pedal allows you to accentuate the low-end girth of the low B string, while maintaining the maximum amount of articulation possible.

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  • Power supply
    9V battery (S-006P) or AC109, AC309, AC509
  • Current consumption
    14mA maximum
  • Dimensions
    125(D) x 75(W) x 53(H)mm
  • Weight
    460g (with battery)


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