Ibanez SB7 Synthesizer Bass


  • Sens
    Adjusts the sensitivity with which the filter will respond to your picking dynamics.
  • Filter Frequency
    Adjusts the frequency of the low-pass filter (which cuts the high-frequency range).
  • Filter Resonance
    Adjusts the strength of the filter peak. Turning this to the right will produce a more distinctively “synth-like” sound.
  • Level
    Controls the overall volume of the pedal. Volume is increased when turned to the right and decreased when turned to the left.
  • Mode (Autowah/Synth1/Synth2)
    Switches between three types of sound.
    • AUTOWAH: Auto-wah for bass that does not weaken the low range.
    • SYNTH1: Synth sound of a low-pass filter applied to a pulse waveform.
    • SYNTH2: Synth sound of a band-pass filter applied to a pulse waveform.
  • Decay (Slow/Fast)
    Sets the time over which the filter frequency will move downward.
    • SLOW: Move slowly downward.
    • FAST: Move quickly downward.



If you're looking for new tones or you're still smoldering with resentment against synth bass keyboard players who took our gigs in the 80's, the SB7 is the ticket. You've got real time feel-in other words no annoying tracking errors and delays. You can even play chords.


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  • Power supply
    9V battery (S-006P) or AC109, AC309, AC509
  • Current consumption
    22mA maximum
  • Dimensions
    125(D) × 75(W) × 53(H)
  • Weight
    460g (with battery)


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