Ibanez PM7 Phase Modulator


  • Speed
    adjusts the speed of the vibrations. They become faster the more this is turned to the right.
  • Depth
    adjusts the depth of the vibrations. They become deeper the more this is turned to the right.
  • Manual
    Adjusts the level of the phase-shifted tone. The level is increased and the effect strengthened the more this is turned to the right.
  • Feedback
    Adjusts the amount of feedback. Turning this to the right applies normal-phase feedback, and turning it to the left applies inverted-phase feedback. In either case, the sound will become more distinctive.
  • Mode 1/2/3
    Selects from three types of phases.
    1. Four-stage phaser with invertedphase mix. Vintage sound.
    2. Six-stage phaser with invertedphase mix. Deep phasing sound.
    3. Six-stage phaser with normal-phasemix. Deep phasing sound.
  • Waveform
    Selects the modulation waveform (the "shape" of modulation).
    1. Triangle wave: Produces conventional phaser sounds.
    2. Square wave. Produces sequencerlike sounds.
    3. High-frequency wave. Produces sounds like a ring modulator or FM synthesizer.



If you've gone through one phase after another, maybe it's time for the final phase. The PM7 Phase Modulator offers three types of waveforms to give you everything from classic phaser to DJ effects to toy ray gun sounds. Since good things come in threes, the PM7 also has three phase stages: vintage, deep and dry, and deep and pronounced. With some minor tweaking, the PM7 goes from traditional to 21st century and beyond.


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  • Power Supply
    9V Battery or Adapter
  • Current Consumption
    27mA maximum
  • Dimensions
    125(D) x 75 (W) x 53 (H)
  • Weight
    450g (with battery)



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