Ibanez LF7 Lo Fi


  • Drive
    Controls the amount of distortion. Distortion will increase when the knob is turned to the right.
  • Lo Cut Frequency
    Sets the frequency at which the low range will be cut (80Hz - 1kHz). Turning the knob to the right will raise the cutoff frequency, simulating the sound of a small speaker.
  • Hi Cut Frequency
    Sets the frequency at which the high range will be cut (1kHz - 10kHz). Turning the knob to the left will lower the cutoff frequency, producing a muffled sound.
  • Level
    Controls the overall volume of the pedal. Volume is increased when turned to the right and decreased when turned to the left.
  • Mode
    Switch the type of sound and input.
    • GUITAR: Warm sound suitable for guitar
    • DRUMS: Sound suitable for a music source such as drum machine or CD
    • MIC : The input will be boosted so that a mic can be connected directly. The boost will occur even when the effect is off.



The first dedicated filter pedal for the guitar, the LF7's voltage controlled analog high and low pass filters allow you to emulate transistor radio and megaphone type sounds. Best used at the end of a signal chain in combination with other pedals, this ticking time bomb creates wide soundscapes of far out tones that previously required a massive rack of analog electronics.The Lo Fi also performs equally well with vocals, drum machines or in any "mix-down" context.

the manual

The LF7 is an effect unit that transforms any sound into "lo-fi." It can change a sterile digital sound into a warm tube tone, or easily simulate sound heard from a small AM radio or telephone.


myFXDB user reviews

2 reviews, average score of 8.25 / 10

2018-03-177.5/10  this pedal is pretty neat. useful distortion and level controls, and then you dial in the sound you want with the hi and lo pass filters. there's a three way switch so you can run it at instrument level and play guitar or bass through it, or run it at line level and plug a drum
2015-10-259/10  Combines great with my sl drive or ts mini...

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  • Power supply
    9V battery (S-006P) or AC109, AC309, AC509
  • Current consumption
    23mA maximum
  • Dimensions
    125(D) x 75(W) x 53(H)mm
  • Weight
    460g (with battery)


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