Ibanez EM5 Echo Machine


  • Speed
    controls the delay time
  • Repeat
    controls the number of repeats (feedback)
  • Echo
    controls the volume of the delayed signal



"One of the sweet surprises of our roundup. The EM5 excels at everything from primitive slaps to acid-washed chaos." Guitar Player Magazine, July 1997

"Last month we slobbered over the warm analog tones of the Ibanez Echomachine pedal...we're still slobbering but Ibanez has pointed out that the pedal is in fact digital delay." Guitar Player Magazine August 1997

What more can we say? The Echomachine sounds so good some of the best ears in the business thought it was analog. The EM5 replicates the great spacey sound of the old tape echo's without the hassle of cleaning heads and replacing tapes.

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