Ibanez AW5 Auto Wah


  • Range
    Sets the variable range of the Wah. The variable range will be between 300 Hz to 1.4 KHz when turned completely to the left, and between 400 Hz to 2 KHz when turned completely to the right.
  • Depth
    sets the depth of the effect. The effect will deepen when turned to the right.
  • Sens
    sets the input sensitivity. The effect will change according to the picking strength, etc., so set the input sensitivity to the desired performance.


the manual

The Auto Wah 5 differs from the pedal type Wah. AW5 produces the Wah effect by changing the filter frequency in reaction to picking.


Our version of automatic wah is a little different than other touch or auto wahs: it has just a hint of distortion which adds some warmth to this great effect.

The sensitivity control can be adjusted to increase response to your playing.

Not just for wah effects, the AW5 can also be a more subtle manipulator of attack and tone. Great for guitarists or bassists, especially for bass players who want to create their own "synth-bass" sounds.

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  • Size
    125 (D) x 72 (W) x 56mm (H)
  • Weight
Ibanez AW-5 Auto Wah

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Ibanez AW-5 Auto Wah envelope-controlled envelope follower amplitude controlled fx pedal stompbox stomp box guitar effects pedal filter eq/excite/filter bandpass bp bpf band-pass filter
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