Ibanez Soundtank series



    • also colled "Ibanez 5 series"
    • made from around 1990 until 1999, probably by the Chinese company Daphon, which also sells the Daphon E10 Soundtank series, a series of effects with this housing.
    • the Ibanez homepage about the Soundtank series:

        They're called Soundtanks because their high-tech housing and construction is strong enough to survive the worst abuse-whether it's a battlefield or a mosh pit. But more important than Soundtank's indestructibility are the great Soundtank tones-everything from the beautiful Ibanez analog chorusing of the SC5 to the in-your-face industrial carnage of the new Black Noise distortion. Best of all, Soundtanks are affordable, which means you get more tones to your sonic arsenal for lots less bucks.

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