Ibanez Mini 850 Fuzz


Ibanez Mini series

The mini-pedal market has seen a real boom in recent years. With technology advancing, pedals are able to pack in a whole lot of sound into a small enclosure and now Ibanez introduce their MINI pedal series that have been made In Japan.

Based on the circuitry of legendary effector OD850, the Ibanez FXMINI delivers a great, fuzzy overdrive sound.

Two small knobs allow you to adjust the Tone and Level while a larger knob in the middle of the pedal allows you to adjust the Sustain so you can tinker and tailor until you find your perfect sound.

Featuring true bypass providing the shortest, most direct signal path possible the FZMINI doesn’t colour your sound when you don’t want it to.

Thanks to the 100% analog circuity of the FZMINI you get that awesome, natural fuzz sound that can only analog circuity can provide.

The FZMINI gives you a lovely, warm fuzzy sound while having a minimal footprint on your pedalboard.


  • Controls: Sustain, Tone Level
  • Size (in mm): 50.9mmW x 92.6mm X 55.1mmH
  • Size (in inches): 2.004”W x 3.646”L x 2.169”H

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