Ibanez Mini series



    Adding textures to your tone for variety and color is an adventure of exploration and experimentation that can be fun and frustrating at the same time. With a plethora of pedals out there to consider, and the variety of available effects, it’s all too easy to run out of real estate on your pedal board before you hit on that winning combination. Not to worry—Ibanez Mini pedals are here to make your life easier, and your sound better. 

    With the success of the TS MINI Tube Screamer, it was a natural progression to expand on the concept by adding mini versions of other popular, great sounding Ibanez effects. However, don’t let these tiny pedals fool you—they may be small, but they’re tough and big on tone. Built in Japan, the new CSMINI Chorus, ADMINI Analog Delay and SMMINI Super Metal pedal, all feature an array of impressive effects, built entirely from the warm tone of 100% analog circuitry, true-bypass switching, durable all-metal housing and heavy-duty switches. 

    So don’t let fear of running out of space stop you. Expand your pedal rig today with MINI effects from Ibanez.

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