Ibanez PQ9 Parametric EQ


  • Low
    controls the level of the low filter
  • Middle
    controls the level of the middle filter
  • High
    controls the level of the high filter
  • Middle Frequency
    controls the center frequency of the middle filter


an Ibanez brochure

Parametric EQ's area powerful method of equalization. It's filter center may be adjusted over a wide frequency range allowing the artist to affect a specific frequency band of interest. This feature is most useful for getting that very special sound from voice, instruments or signal processors. The PQ9 Parametric EQ contains a wide-ranging sliding filter along with fixed high and low shelving type filters. An infinite number of settings - from mild tonal changesto extreme frequency modifications - and easily obtainable. The PQ9 Parametric EQ provides simpliciy with maximum flexibility.

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  • Input Impedance
    500K ohms
  • Output Impedance
    <1K ohms
  • Low Filter Rollover Frequency
    75 Hz
  • Middle Filter Center Range
    75 - 5,6 KHz
  • Middle Filter Bandwidth
    1/2 octave
  • High Filter Rollover Frequency
    5,6 KHz
  • Filter Control Range
    +/- 15 dB center detented
  • Equivalent Input Noise
    -85 dBm (IHF-A)

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