Ibanez GE9 Graphic EQ


  • 100, 200, 400, 800, 1,6K, 3,3K
    control the level of the corresponding frequency bands (in Hz)
  • Level
    controls the output volume


an Ibanez brochure

Equalizers are extremely useful frequency response modifiers. EQ's can change the sound of voices, instruments and signal processors such as distortion devices, phasers and time delay effects. They are also widely used in feedback control applications. The GE9 Graphic Equalizer uses six octave-wide minimum-phase-shift filters for 15dB of boost or cut. The Level slider allows the signal level to be adjusted without disturbing the filter settings. The GE9 Graphic EQ - a useful addition to any musician's system.

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  • Input Impedance
    500K ohms
  • Output Impedance
    <1K ohms
  • Maximum Input Level
    +10 dBm
  • Maximum Output Level
    +5 dBm
  • Filter Bandwidth
    1 octave
  • Filter Control Range
    +/- 15 dB center detented
  • Level Control Range
    +/- 15 dB center detented
  • Equivalent Input Noise
    -100 dBm (IHF-A)


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