Ibanez VL10 Volume Balancer



  • Min. Vol.
  • Vol. Bal.


the Ibanez Power Series pocket manual


In addition to the obvious function as a volume pedal, the VL10 has unique features that make it possibly the most versatile volume pedal available. Operating as a volume pedal, mono or stereo signals can be adjsuted live by raising or lowering the pedal. A minimum volume control allows a preset lowest volume to be achieved in the up position. The tuner output sends the signalout regardless of pedal position. Most unique is the balancer mode, which allows the player to actually mix or pan two signals while playing. The VL10 works well with all instruments, without tonal coloration or high frequency loss.


VOLUME MODE: Two different signals, or a stereo output of a synthesizer, may be applied to the inputs. The signal at input A will pass to output A at full volume when the pedal is fully depressed. Gradually backing off the pedal will likewise decrease volume until the top position is reached. In this position the volume will be at a level previously set by the minimum volume control. At the lowest setting of this control no signal is passed. Channel B will perform identically, sharing the same pedal but remaining discrete.

BALANCER MODE: In this mode the throw of channel B is reversed from channel A. When the output of A is full, B is at the minimum, and vice-versa. There are many practical and creative applications for this mode.

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  • Input Impedance
    500k Ohms (main, minimum volume MAX)
  • Minimum Volume
    0-50% (per maximum level)
  • Dimensions
    201(D) x 89(W) x 55-84(H) mm
  • Weight

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