Hughes & Kettner Tube Rotosphere


Hughes & Kettner

The Rotary Revolution: Stereo Rotary Cabinet and Tube Saturation in One

Tube Rotosphere® MK II has all the inspirational power of the legendary Leslie® cabinets. It not only puts the response of a tube-powered Leslie at players' toe-tips, it also boasts two rotation speeds and legitsounding deceleration & acceleration effects. Rotosphere's spectrum ranges from clean to sizzling rock scream. In stereo mode, it serves up all the tonal complexity and dynamics of the real deal, a bona fide Leslie. In fact Tube Rotosphere MK II feels so real, that some of world's most celebrated players won't leave home without it!


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2014-01-25mk 18.5/10  fat leslie , build like a tank, sweet sounding big housing

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