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Hughes & Kettner

The Hughes and Kettner Red Box Classic is a world-famous guitar direct box -- you'll never have to mic a guitar speaker again!

The Red Box converts your amp's line out or speaker out signal into a balanced, frequency-compensated signal that you can feed directly into a mixer. The Red Box Classic features two voicing options: a 4x12-inch cabinet and a 2x12-inch combo.

The Red Box Classic may be powered by phantom power, or a standard power adapter like the Boss PSA120, a 9 volt battery, or anything from 9-15V AC or 9-24V DC.


  • No mic required
  • No sound deviations due to different mics/mic positions
  • Authentic speaker sound even at low levels
  • No feedback
  • No undesirable spillage from other signal sources
  • No phase cancellations caused by neighboring mics

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