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The A.B.C unit is the combination of 2 cascaded A.B units in one single box.

The signal will be routed either to output A or a selection between output B or output C.

3 bright LEDs, powered with a 9V battery or a power supply (not included), indicate which output is selected.

When output A is selected, the B/C selection remains visible via the B or C LED which will be 50% dimmed so you know which channel (B or C) will be active when turning off output A.

All Huge Audio routers are

  • entirely passive therefore they are completely transparent.
  • only using power when a cable is connected to the input jack plug.
  • are made to ground the signal when no cable is connected to the input, this will mute the signal on every output of the router so that absolutely no sound comes out of any connected amp even at maximum volume!!!
  • only guaranteed to route the signal as per the direction of the arrows printed on the enclosures, warranty does not apply for operation in other directions.

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