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The Stroll On Junior is a stripped down version of our Stroll On pedal - with only a volume control and the fuzz preset to maximum it gives you plenty of gain and agression. Like its older brother the Stroll On Junior is based on the famous British fuzzbox: the Sola Sound MK II Professional with tons of singing sustain that will last for days; super chewy fuzz with sweet mids and a thick bottom end. The pedal comes fitted with three carefully matched NOS CV5416(Mil Spec OC84) germanium transistors; biased for the best possible tone and finished in plain aluminium with hand applied dry rubbed black graphics.

Hudson Electronics, located in Hutton, East Yorkshire, UK, offer hand-crafted retro-flavoured fuzz pedals. We  build onto vintage style strip-boards, using new old-stock European germanium and silicon transistors, along with high quality components. Every aspect of each build is completed by hand with high attention to detail, from the application of graphics through to final assembly and testing: authentic fuzz tones, precision construction and thorough after market care.

Each Stroll On is built by hand from scratch onto vintage-style stripboard, using high quality components and with a high attention to detail. They come loaded with Omeg (UK), a heavy duty Alpha switch, Re’an Jacks, carbon film resistors, WIMA / BC capacitors and other high quality components.


  • Volume – Controls the overall volume of the pedal

Like the many vintage fuzz pedals, the Stroll On runs on batteries only. Disconnecting the input jack when not in use allows a single battery to last a long time, owing to the very low current draw of the circuit. We fit and recommend Zinc Chloride or Zinc Carbon type batteries

Dimensions (including knobs and jacks): 130 x 65 x 55 mm

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