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The Hudson Electronics Soul Bomb is limited custom build. According to Michael Hudson we are the only dealer in the world to have this pedal and only 4 production models have been built at this point (we got all four of them). I kept one for myself.... Of course, I am a fuzz addict after all. One sold the day the order arrived so we have two available to sell. This pedal is a combination of the Mr Soul and Gospel Bomb. You can run either pedal independently or stacked together. The Gospel Bomb section of this pedal features a selected germanium transistor and a five position rotary switch for the Range control. The range control will allow you to dial it from stinging high mids to big fat bass. The Mr Soul section of the pedal is a circuit blend of an Arbiter Fuzz Face and a MK 1.5 Tone Bender. The Mr Soul features two germanium transistors that are matched and biased to perfection. The Mr Soul has big bottom and will clean up real nice when you roll back the volume control on your guitar or bass. When in the stacked mode the Gospel Bomb cascades into the Mr Soul which not only boosts you signal but also changes the character of the fuzz in a big way. This pedal is for the person who is a hard core fuzz head. Not for the faint of heart. It will take you to another world.

exists in a few versions with different transistors:

  • OC75
  • NKT275
  • MP20B and SFT308
  • ?

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