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The Hudson Electronics Gospel Bomb Germanium Booster is one bad mama jama. Featuring an external volume control and an internal trim pot to allow you to dial in the exact tone your are looking for. This pedal will kick the front end of your amp into high gear and send you into tonal bliss. Any tube amp that has a pretty sensitive preamp section will light up when you drop the bomb. Amps that I like to use this pedal on include older Marshall's, Vox AC models, Tweed & Blackface Fender's and pretty much any small combo from the 50's and early 60's. It is also great for stacking with other OD & Fuzz pedals to unleash the ultimate fury. Don't settle for just any boost. Treat yourself to one of the very best. Your guitar and amp will thank you.

2 models with different transistors: OC75 or CV7005

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