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The OWL gives users the chance to implement their own bespoke DSP guitar effects and become part of an open-source DSP development community, and for those that don’t develop themselves there is a growing array of ready-made patches available for download in the patch library.

Using a provided C++ framework, applications can be easily developed, compiled and loaded to the on-board ARM Cortex M4 chip, allowing the user to change the function of the pedal without any hardware-specific knowledge.

With a minimum of coding and DSP knowledge, the OWL can become any kind of guitar effect that you can imagine, or a chain of unique effects. Alternatively, you could build a patch comprised of several DSP effects that you could switch between using one of the assignable pots on the pedal.

With a strong emphasis on open-source hardware and software, the OWL is also a good entry-point for those wishing to program their own audio algorithms, or for those wanting to to learn more about DSP programming in general.

For developers:

  • Write code for a hardware DSP architecture in plain C/C++
  • Open source platform and tool chain
  • Easy to change and upload patches over USB

For musicians:

  • Load patches from your computer via USB
  • Collection of sample patches available and growing
  • Same input/output characteristics as a standard guitar FX pedal



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