Hotone Audio Skyline series Harmony - Pitch Shifter / Harmonist with Detune Mode



Hotone Audio

Harmony - Pitch Shifter

There is beauty in a single note, but the clouds will open when that note is matched with its perfect fifth. Have you ever wanted your guitar to really sing?

The Hotone Harmony pedal introduces a gorgeous backup singer to richen up your guitar solo or riff expression. Boasting a wide range of pitch-shifting intervals, you’ll find all kinds of room whether you’re going up, down, or are just looking for a little detune.


  • DRY: Controls the original signal volume
  • RANGE: Adjusts the harmonic pitch range
  • WET: Controls the harmonic signal volume
  • Switch: Select between treble, bass, and detune pitch shifting
  • “DC IN”: Plug in 9V DC adapter (center negative)


  • Current Consumption: xx mA
  • Dimensions: 74 mm (D) x 44 mm (W) x 44 mm (H)
  • Weight: 190g

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