Hotone Audio Psycho Press - Dynamic Octave/Bitcrusher Pedal


Hotone Audio

The Hotone Psycho Press is a 3-in-1 pedal in smart compact size. It features two pitch-bending modes with different ranges and a bitcrusher mode.

±2 OCT and ±OCT: With Hotone's advanced pitch detection and polyphonic note tracking technology, the two pitch bending modes will enrichen your artistry. From shredding, screaming octave solos to expanded, expressive chords, these two modes will really bring the noise. Use the SELECT button and 3-way MODE switch to control the range. Use the BLEND wheel to finely tune your tone.

BIT/Hz: Psychedelic and lo-fi maniacs will fall in love with this musical-fashioned mode. Use the SELECT button to select your crush object between bit depth and sampling rate, and PRESS THE PEDAL TO CRUSH' EM ALL! Of course, the BLEND control is still available in this mode.

  • True Bypass
  • Extreme compact size
  • Cool LED lights
  • 3 in 1 pedal (two pitch bending modes and bitcrusher mode)
  • Max. 2 octaves of pitch bending range
  • Variable, musical-fashioned bitcrusher with BIT/Hz parameters
  • Adjustable dry/wet signal ratio
  • 9V DC or 9V battery power supply

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