Horst Um-Schalter - Loop A/B


Horst Musical Instruments (2003-2006)

"Um-Schalter" LOOP-A/B Switch

Brilliant, Simple, Inexpensive... a must for every serious Pedal Freak


  • Switch between 2 loops (chains of pedals)
  • Switch / Bypass one or more pedals
  • Use for any standard A/B functionality
  • Pop- and Click-free switching
  • True bypass (galvanically decoupled)
  • High quality Foot-switch
  • Extra robust construction
  • Low Battery consumption
  • Any port can be used as input or output


The Loop A/B switch unit contains basically 2 change-over switches: the A/B selector switch and the X/Y selector switch. If for example you have an amplifier with 2 inputs and would like to switch between them (typical A/B application), you can connect your guitar to the A/B-port (or the X/Y-port respectively) and then use the A-port to connect to say channel 1 of your amp and the B-port to connect to channel 2. Toggling the Foot-switch will now toggle between channel 1 and 2 of your amp. (If you used the X/Y-port as input, connect the X-port to one channel and the Y-port to the other channel).

If on the other hand you have 2 instruments you want to feed into one channel of your amp, you can for instance connect the X/Y-port to your amplifier-input, the X-port to your electric guitar and the Y-port to your acoustic guitar. You can now switch between your 2 instruments. No more fiddling and crackling during change-overs.

Having 2 separate selectors A/B and X/Y, allows you to switch loops in and out (true bypass) or switch between 2 loops.

If for instance, you connect your instrument to the X/Y-port (in) and your amplifier to the A/B-port (out), you are basically set to toggle between 2 loops. The first loop can be connected to the X-port (this port feeds the instrument signal to the first effect in your effects chain). The output of the last effect in the chain connects to the A-port (goes to the amp). When you toggle the Foot-switch and the A/B-indicator is ON, your effects-loop 1 is now active. If you toggle the Foot-switch again (X/Y-indicator now ON) the effects-loop 1 is now bypassed (That is if you have nothing connected as the second loop).

If however you have a second effects-chain connected (Y-port to the input of the second effects-chain and the output of the last effect in the chain feeding into the B-port), you can toggle between the 2 effects-chains with the push of just one button. Is this cool or what...

Warning: Do not use the switchbox to toggle speakers or other high powered sources as this may damage the unit.

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