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Horst Musical Instruments (2003-2006)

The Horst Theremin

German Design - Made in Austraaalia

Having been in the business of making electronic musical instruments for over quarter of a Century , this theremin is one of Horst's finest creations. Following on from the Techno-Theremin from five years ago (with build in divider), this theremin is also designed for the professional musician and for stage performance, but with a price tag even a beginner can afford without having to beg for a bank loan.

The traditional violine like sound of the Horst-Theremin is created by using only selected discrete transistors and passive electronic components, all housed in a heavy duty polished aluminium case. The theremin has been designed to allow a playing range from a few Herz (1..5 Hz) up to 10 KHz and above, covering a range of over 10 Octaves (!) Careful adjustment of the antenna will allow you to play the 10 Octaves within a space of up to 50 cm from the antenna.

(Anything beyond 1/2 meter may dislocate your shoulder :)

The Horst-Theremin has been appreciated and used by musicians and recording artists all over Australia and Overseas, from poeple like Mike Patton (Faith No More / Mr. Bungle) to Steve Nieve (Elvis Costello Band), Tumble Weed, Magic Dirt, Mick Lavage and countless Techno- and Experimental Artists.

The theremin is equipped with a removable telescopic antenna. Connecting the antenna will automatically power up the internal electronic and activate the theremin. This is also indicated via a yellow LED on the front pannel above the antenna. The antenna is used to control the pitch of the theremin.

Tuning of the theremin can be done by changing the length of the antenna. The theremin output is at line-level and is controlled via a volume knob. External 9V DC power supply input (positive tip) is provided, but a 9V alcaline battery will last for a while (theremin draws approximately 2 mA).

Combining the theremin with things like tremolo, reverb, delays, resonant filters and so forth, will open up many new sonic possibilities.

Tuning the analog theremin

The goal of 'tuning' the Theremin is to:
  • have no sound when standing away from the antenna (approx 50 cm)
  • have a low pitch when approaching the antenna (approx 30 ... 50 cm)
  • increasing pitch when moving further towards the antenna

The tuning is as follows:

  • connect an amplifier to the output and set the volume to 12 o clock.
  • plug in the extended antenna (approx. 30 cm) into the antenna socket (LED should come on)
  • You should now hear a tone and as you move towards the antenna, the pitch should change.
  • if the pitch decreases when moving towards the antenna, you need to pull out the antenna a little bit and move back (50 cm) to check for silence.
  • if the pitch increases when moving towards the antenna, you need to push in the antenna a little bit and move back (50 cm) to check for silence.

I am sure after a little practice, it will only take a few seconds to adjust the antenna.

Features at a glance:

  • Traditional sweet violin sound
  • Removable telescopic antenna
  • Pitch control via antenna
  • Volume control via knob
  • Status LED
  • Heavy duty case (polished aluminum)
  • Battery operated
  • Very low power consumption
  • External DC power supply option (DC adapter not included)
  • Attractive appearance
  • Small and compact
  • Comes with durable carry box
  • Hand-made in Australia
  • Affordable

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