Horst Frech Wie Rotz 2 - Tube Preamp-Overdrive


Horst Musical Instruments (2003-2006)

Little Brother: "Frech wie Rotz 2"

Reduced to the absolute essentials of Pure Tube Sound: Gain and Volume - no Frills! Ideal for Home Recording and Studio.

A product of German ingenuity, manufactured by hand, with point-to-point wiring to maximize sound and reliability. Each unit is tuned, burned-in and individually tested by a qualified musician.

Designed for maximum expression and transparency, Frech Wie Rotz moves effortlessly from a smooth and subtle enrichment of delicate sounds to breaking up slowly when driven harder, until it turns into a mean and offensive grunge when driven to extreme. With gain on full, your style directs the tone: play it hard and mean or sweet and subtle.

The Frech Wie Rotz 2 - Tube Preamp/Overdrive is an Australian made product, designed and manufactured to German quality standards. Applying minimalistic design principles, keeps product cost down, improves reliability and noise performance and results in a generic product, which can be used in a multitude of ways. Care has been taken to keep the audio path pure valve, no transistors or OP-amps have been used in the audio path. The use of selected, high quality electron-tubes, turns this Tube Preamp/Overdrive into a superior product, suitable for studio, home recording and live performance, at an even more affordable price.

Reminiscent of an old Tube Amp, the Tube Preamp/Overdrive is designed to provide maximum expression and transparency where it counts: at your finger tips. On high gain settings - if you play the strings gentle, they come through nearly clean. As you increase your attack, the sound starts breaking up and you get more and more harmonics, whilst maintaining the overall volume. The harder you hit the strings, the more harmonics you get and the more impact your playing has, without significantly increase in volume. And because of its transparent design, you can hear all notes in a chord, even at higher distortion levels.

How it works

The Tube Preamp/Overdrive is using the High Performance Electron Tube 12AX7-EH from Electro Harmonix, delivered to you straight from NYC - U.S.A. The tube has been chosen for its high gain, low noise and superior performance in delivering musical overtones. The Overdrive pedal has two Tube-Stages: one sits before the Gain Control Knob and one after.

Each Tube-Stage will create harmonic distortion depending on the strength of the input-signal and/or the setting of the gain control knob. Strong input signals will already saturate the first Tube-Stage (1) and create harmonic distortion even with the gain control at low or moderate settings. To vary the first Tube-Stage saturation, use the volume control on your Instrument. To vary saturation of the second Tube-Stage (2), use the gain control knob.

The overall frequency response is fairly linear with exemption to the top end, which is designed to accentuate the warmth of tube amplification.

Any tone shaping on your instrument direct, will strongly affect the tone coming out of the Tube Preamp/Overdrive. Because of the transparency of the Tube, the tone control on your guitar can also be used to control the balance between the base-strings (E,A,D) and the upper strings (G, B, E) when playing chords.

Features at a glance:

  • nice compression of musical material
  • wide range of tonal qualities
  • rich in harmonics
  • fairly flat frequency response
  • wide range of application
  • sounds very nice with acoustic and electric guitar
  • beautiful with String instruments like Cello and Violin.
  • use for direct to desk recording and Vocals
  • pure valve audio path (no transistors or op-amps)
  • high quality / low noise Electro Harmonics Tube
  • minimal component design (for pure tone and reliability)
  • supplied with external A/C power supply
  • attractive appearance
  • small and compact
  • comes with durable carry box
  • Hand made in Australia
  • affordable

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