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Our Analog Theremin is more than just a theremin. Apart from beeing able to create the traditional sweet, violin-like sound over a wide frequency range ( 10 Hz - 5 Khz ), some clever tone and wave-form modifying features have been included, to allow you to create moog-like synthesizer sounds as well as experimental / Industrial sound-scapes.

The Horst-Theremin has been appreciated and used by Musicians and Recording Artists all over Australia and Overseas, from poeple like Mike Patton (Faith No More / Mr. Bungle) to Steve Nieve (Elvis Costello Band), Tumble Weed, Magic Dirt, Mick Lavage and countless Techno and Experimental Artists.

The Theremins front and rear pannels are chrome plated and the Theremin frame is covert with black velvet. This Theremin is destined to become a Collectors Item, in fact, the last few Theremins of this model are being sold of, as we speak.

The Theremin is 100% Handmade by the Designer himself.

  • Knobs from left to right are volume, frequency selector and tone. Operating range ca 30 cm, tuning via telescopic antenna (detachable).
  • Wide frequency range.
  • Size: (200mm x 150mm x 35mm).
  • Weight: 2 Kg.

The tone-control influences the overall smooth-ness of the theremin sound. When open, the higher notes will stand out and the sound will be sharper in the upper octaves. The more you apply the tone-control, the smother the theremin sound will become and the upper octaves will be more restrained in impact.

With the wave-shaper, the theremin sounds similar to the old moog-synthesizer and further more, you can select the frequency range of that beautiful sound, from ( 4 Hz - 4 KHz ) to really low (we mean really really low). Feeding this into a nearly self-resonating filter or WAH-pedal is very interesting (!). Further more, you can select preset combination sounds to create Industrial like moods. External access to the tone-control and wave-shaper is provided via an insert point.

The theremin output is at line-level and is controlled via a volume knob. External 9V DC power supply input (positive tip) is provided, but a 9V alcaline battery will last for a while ( theremin draws less than 15 mA ).

Combining all the features above with things like tremolo, reverb, delays, resonant filters and so forth, will surely get anyones creativity rampaging.

Further more, the theremin can be used as an Alternative Controller for those computer-musos out there. We have developed a tailor made theremin-midi-controller to take 2 theremins and 2 drum- triggers and implemented a variety of algorithms to control computer-music-software i.e. rebirth, VAZ, reaktor and midi-sequencers, to name only a few. We are very exited to introduce our new product to you early next year.

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