Homenoise Effects Black Lodge



Homenoise Effects

  • Echo, Feedback and Time controls for the delay
  • Rate, Tri/Squ and Depth controls for modulating the delay
  • Dry, Wet and Dwell controls to control the output and reverb section
  • Send and Return jack to add external effects to the echoes before they enter the reverb
  • Input and Output jack
  • Reverb switch which turns the reverb part on or off
  • True Bypass switching
  • Uses a 9V DC (centre negative) adapter

Homenoise Effects

A digital echo and reverb pedal that is designed to create dark and endless soundscapes. The circuit is tuned and voiced to have a pretty warm and dark sound.

It uses a modulated digital delay with an LFO that goes from triangle to square-wave modulation, but allows you to use a blend of both as well. The depth control sets the amount of modulation going from nothing, to chorus, to synth-like sounds.

The feedback control (F.B.) goes far enough to create echo oscillations and with the reverb activated, turning the Dwell knob far enough creates a whole different kind of noise. If an effect is inserted into the FX-loop, it will affect the way the reverb oscillates. External effects can be used to add a new dimensions to the generated noise.

The Send and Return jacks let you insert any effect you want between the delay and reverb part of the pedal. You can use that effect to alter the echoes coming from the delay and going into the reverb part of the pedal. This way a Chorus or Flanger inserted into the FX-loop will make the reverb sound even more modulated while a Wah or filter will make it more vocal sounding. High gain effects like Distortion and Fuzz usually make it oscillate but with an added layer of distortion or whatever high gain effect you connected to the FX-loop. Adding another Delay or Reverb adds more space to the reverb of the Black Lodge. These are only a few of the possibilities, you can use the FX-loop with any combination of effects to create beautiful neverending reverbs, noisy drones and a lot more.

The Wet, Dry and Echo controls are level controls for each part of the pedal so you can set the right balance between them.

  • Wet: Reverb level
  • Dry: Clean level
  • Echo: Delay level

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