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The Multiverse consists of 2 identical echo circuits which can be used as 2 separate delay's that run alongside each other or they can be stacked to double the maximum delay time. Each delay has its own Time, Feedback and Mix controls.

Apart from those standard controls, there's also a Trans knob which controls the amount of signal being sent from the output of the second delay to the input of the first. In the middle, you'll find a toggle switch that gives you the option of running the delays next to each other (left position) or putting the second delay right after the first delay (right position). You'll notice that the Trans control has a different effect in both modes. Toggling the switch to the left makes the Trans knob function as a blend control. Turning the switch to the right makes it function as a global feedback control for the 2 stacked delays. Bear in mind that each delay still has its own feedback knob, so there's a total of 3 feedback controls!

All these controls can be used to create anything from rhythmic delays to a wash of echoes that almost sound like a reverb with a ton of early reflections. One of the possibilities is an effect that happens when you set both delays to be identical and next to each other. There are always some slight differences in delay times but these small differences generate flanging between the two echoes when they're mixed together and it makes them sound a lot more dynamic.

The delay time of a single delay ranges from 40 to 350ms, but with the switch set to the right position, the Multiverse can achieve delay times of up to 700ms.

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