Holowon Velcro Fuzz


Unbelievable amounts of fuzz, distortion and crazy lo-fi octaving noise textures from this analog sound monster!

Selectable tone filters with wide treble/bass sweeps, up & down octaving textures & noise, adjustable & bypassable feedback gate, subtle hints of grit to twisting gated lo-fi electric hash-buzz to monster heavy super saturation!

Input impedance tames loud input signal levels to avoid effect washout and retain definition!

Mash stomp switch activates even crazier lo-fi textures.

Refurb units are 100% brand new circuitry and wiring but are housed in cosmetically poor enclosures. they carry the identical warranty, controls and capabilities as our brand new units.


  • volume: output signal level
  • control: input signal impedance
  • fuzz: effect/distortion intensity
  • fdbk: bypassable feedback gate control
  • crumple: first stage bias
  • crinkle: second stage bias
  • push: post-gain/pre-tone signal intensity
  • pull: first stage bias control
  • eq: tone filter mode selector switch
  • tone: treble/mid/bass frequency sweep
  • mash: stomp switch activates crazy lo-fi texture effects

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