Holowon Spacematic Warmer



  • Rate
  • Depth
  • Chop (toggle)



the Spacematic Warmer is a lush tremolo that will chop off your head... Lush volume oscillation. Slight shallow fades to deep puncture wounds.

  • speed knob: controls rate of fluctuation. Speed is widely adjustable, from Ferrari to horse-and-buggy.
  • depth knob: adjusts how deep or shallow you swim. slight vibration to wax on/wax off.
  • smooth switch: switches between cutting, judo chops and swelling fades.
  • LED blinks with rate of speed and smoothness of sound.

Holowon about the 4 knob version

Sine or square wave shape selector for shimmering volume swells or choppy cutting trem. Gets speeds so fast they push your signal into full modulation! Flashing LED indicates speed & wave shape, even when bypassed!

  • 100% hand built, 100% point-to-point circuitry & wiring!
  • 100% TRUE BYPASS SWITCHING & lifetime warranty!


  • volume: controls output signal level
  • speed: adjusts tremolo pulse rate
  • mode: selects wave shape
  • intensity: blends clean signal with effect

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