Holowon Short Fuse



  • Pre Gain
    controls input signal level
  • Level
    controls output volume
  • Drive
    ajusts distortion amount
  • Treble
    adjusts amount of high end in signal
  • Mid
    controls amount of mid range in signal
  • Bass
    adjusts amount of low end in signal
  • Ge/Si Select
    switches between germanium crunch or silicon crush O.D. sounds
  • Pre Gain Bypass
    bypasses pre gain (true bypass)
  • Boost
    switches from overdrive to a super powerful clean booster
  • E.Q.
    allows you to totaly bypass the 3 band EQ (true bypassing)


Holowon Effects

The Short Fuse: Assaulting transistor overdrive with selectable silicon or germanium rectifier and wide tone sweep.

For everything from crisp, cutting drive to gritty, bowel-trembling crunch. This analog pedal is hand-built and hand-wired to be virtually indestructible and offers a lifetime warranty.

This model has a scratched case and messy paint job as you can see in the pictures (smeared paint on the side, scratch on front of pedal) so we are reducing the price from $130 to $60.


  • Blast: Output Signal Volume.
  • Burn: Drive Intensity.
  • Shrapnel: Tone Sweep.
  • Mode: Germanium/Silicon Rectifier Select Toggle

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