Holowon Amp Drive


The analog powerhouse the Tube Screamer so badly wanted to be.

This dual stage opamp overdrive is dual rectified with matched diodes and does everything from warm creamy crunch to screaming smooth distortion with long singing sustain. Like all of our effects, this pedal was built by hand using true-bypass switching, point-to-point circuitry and wiring, virtually indestructible construction, and a lifetime warranty. All our designs are 100% originals - no clones or copies.

From warm overdrive to screaming, flesh-tearing distortion, this pedal will leave you picking your teeth up off the floor. (This pedal can also be used as a clear signal boost.)


  • Volume: Output Signal Lever
  • Tone: Treble/Bass Sweep
  • Pre: First Stage Drive Control
  • Post: Second Stage Drive Control

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