Holowon Effects Alt Switch


Holowon Effects

Passively switches between 2 effects loops! (no power required for unit to function!)

Functions as an in/out line selector, kill switch, tuner mute, effects loop or whatever else you can rig up!

Unit is 100% passive but a power supply or 9V battery is required for LED indicator to function.

All of our effects utilize complete true bypass switching, are hand-built using point-to-point circuitry and wiring, virtually indestructible construction, and a lifetime warranty!


  • red send jack: red channel effects loop send
  • red return jack: red channel effects loop return
  • green send jack: green channel effects loop send
  • green return jack: green channel effects loop return
  • in jack: main signal input
  • out jack: main signal output
  • alt switch stomp: loop channel selector stomp switch

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