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As you probably know, the triangle muff was used by David Gilmour, Billy Corgan, and many other great guitarists, and are considered by many to be the best sounding big muffs ever made. The triangle big muff sounds much more musical and is way more versatile than modern big muffs. If you turn the sustain knob all the way up, you still get gobs of heavy, violin-like sustain, but it is much clearer and less congested sounding - just like the original. Also, unlike the new muffs which can only do all out fuzz, this pedal actually has a usable sustain knob. Turn it down all the way and you get a light, amp-like breakup.

I researched the triangle big muff a lot before making these pedals, and I used the exact same circuit with all the highest quality parts possible: alpha pots, switchcraft jacks, 1% metal film resistors (for lower noise), an electro-harmonix true-bypass switch, and ceramic caps like the original. And most importantly, I used the exact same transistors as found in the original triangle big muff - the 2N5133's. These are the heart of the triangle big muff's smooth distortion sound, and the main reason why the newer big muffs sound nothing like the old ones. I hand-pick through batches of these transistors to find the ones with correct gain values. The enclosure is powdercoated by a professional company that paints enclosures. The pedal is true-bypass, has a bright blue LED, and can be powered by battery or by a standard Boss-style AC adapter.

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