Ron Holden started the business in the mid sixties, at first custom building valve guitar and bass amplifiers from a small room upstairs in front of his father's photography studio.

    His big break came when a local Christchurch music shop called Beggs agreed to purchase his first production 100 watt guitar/bass heads and quad boxes in 1967. News soon travelled around the country - these new amplifiers were powerful beasts with two channels and tremelo. They were called Holden Wasp and looked like a fender with a sloping control panel front and Fender style grill cloth etc.

    Encouraged by the runaway success, Ron sat down and completely redesigned the chassis and cabinet style (more like a Marshall) and expanded his range with several new models.

    About this time Ron shifted into much larger premises and employed most of the professional musicians of Christchurch, winding transformers,assembling chassis and building speaker cabinets.

    Mike Lewis (recently emigrated from Great Britain), a fine guitarist and general nice guy invested money in Ron's business and sales soared. Mike brought many ideas and a very nice Vox AC30 and Gibson SG Special with him.

    In the mid seventies, Ron Holden, suffering from ill health, sold Holden to Mike, and moved across to Australia. There he formed another Company called Holden Wasp International with Ian Johnstone (who started the Wasp company in 1967), which was mainly involved with importing and distributing components and parts for amplifiers and cabinets.

    Mike continued to expand the line of products under the Holden name until Holden Sound Industries simply shut up shop and called it a day in the late 80's, early 90's.

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