Höfner Limited Edition HP-OD Twin Overdrive



Individually handmade this twin channel Overdrive FX pedal has been carefully designed to deliver a brilliant tone. The four controls – Volume, Tone, Drive A and Drive B – allow ultimate control so that you can achieve the exact sound required for your performance. With twin channels and twin stomp pedals you can control the level of distortion and easily boost this by engaging the second channel (B). This is particularly effective when you are playing rhythm guitar and then need a boost for a lead break or indeed want to emphasize part of a lead break.

Overall the distortion on this pedal can be turned from a mild grumble through to a full bloodied howl, but all delivered without break-up or unwanted whistling undertones.

Beautifully engineered in an all metal case, with the famous Höfner "teacup" control knobs, each pedal is finished with a genuine 1960s raised Höfner logo.

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