Höfner Limited Edition HP-BC Press To Compress - Optical Bass Compressor



"Press to Compress"

Individually handmade this is the legendary LA-2A style studio quality opto-compressor pedal.

At its heart the "Press To Compress" is a low-noise optical compressor that smooths out your signal while preserving signal integrity thanks to premium audio grade components. It uses custom optocoupler to achieve up to 30dB of musical-sounding compression. You can use it like a Leveller, like a Compressor or like a simple Clean Boost. When this pedal is switched on it brings you easier playing, when you switched off, this will be missing from the sound! Great help to the finger picking style guitarists.

This is THE compressor pedal not to suck the life out of your tone. With the Level pot you can change the output signal. The Compress pot affects the amount of gain reduction of the input signal. With Attack pot you can change the transparency of the compression.

Although designed primarily for bass it works equally well with guitar and other instruments.

True bypass.

This pedal gives you the most authentic tones and each pedal is finished with a genuine 1960s raised Höfner logo.

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