Hochstrasser Electronics Helping Friendly Box - Dual Overdrive and Compressor


Hochstrasser Electronics

It's been well-documented that Trey Anastasio's rig has typically included two 808-style overdrives and one OTA-based compressor. All 3 of those pedals are now inside one compact box so you can jam with fiery, saturated leads or tight compressed funk grooves without taking up precious pedalboard real estate to run 3 separate pedals. Offering true bypass for each circuit and running off of 9V DC center negative supply (no room for batteries in this one), The Helping Friendly Box is the perfect solution for cooking up sounds that make you think, "boy, man," while bringing back memories of your phavorite shows. The Helping Friendly Book may contain all of the knowledge, but the Helping Friendly Box has your tone needs covered.

Overdrive Controls

  • Level: This controls the output level of the overdrive.
  • Gain: Turn this up for more distortion, turn it down for less. 
  • Tone: Balance your highs and lows

Compressor Controls

  • Sustain: This controls the amount of compression. Turning this up will tighten up the dynamic range of your guitar. 
  • Level: This controls the makeup gain of the compressor.  

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