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This is the pedal that started it all for HipKitty Products. It's a two-channel tube sounding distortion pedal that covers overdrive to fuzz sounds. With it's true bypassing, it's essentially a 3 channel affair. The Rhythm channel offers a “Drive” control. It's in this channel that you can select everything from an overdrive to fuzz sound. The “Lead” channel takes all the distortion of the Rhythm channel and gives it a volume boost of 10db. In fact, the pedal has a large amount of volume gain available to hit the front end of your amp hard enough to bring out it's best! With the Java, you can roll back your guitar's volume control and your sound cleans up. This is a feat not many distortions can achieve. This is a great live effect, but it has found it's way onto many studio recordings.

The Java Distortion has LED lights indicating when the Rhythm and Lead channels are in use. The Java can be powered by its 9-volt power jack or by 9-volt battery power.

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