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The A/B Box is a passive unit with proper grounding and shielding, thus eliminating any unwanted interference. This is a typical A/B setup, 1 in, select either of 2 outs…. Or, select either of 2 in with 1 out. Total isolated switching at it's best!

Unique to the A/B Box is that you can order your jacks placed on the sides of your choice (i.e. you wish to have your "input" jack on the right side and your two "outs" on the forward side with the power jack). Simply let us (or your authorized HipKitty Products dealer) know on which sides you wish to have your input and output jacks placed when placing your order.

LED lights indicate which “channel” is in use. The Led's for the A/B Box can be powered through its 9-volt power jack, or by way of 9-volt battery power.

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