HipKitty Products


    HipKitty Products was founded by Neal Logdahl, who is owner/operator, Chief Engineer and builder.

    Customer Service is run by Toni Logdahl.

    They are located in Richland, PA, but were in based in Nashville, TN from 1998 until 2010.

    Timeline (by Neal Logdahl)

    Gosh, this is a hard one simply because I don't think this way. Let me see...

    • 1976 Started working on tube amps
    • 1978 Started repairing pedals
    • 1983 Started on stereo headphone project
    • 1985 Started on what became the Java Distortion
    • 1987 Officially started HipKitty
    • 1998 Relocated to Nashville, TN and first version of website went up and operating
    • 1998 First known artist endorsements went in place
    • 2001 Located (in Nashville, TN) to the 900 sq/ft shop and got out of the spare bedroom that was my shop
    • 2005 Established our authorized dealer network and brought our tube amp line on-board with the Kitty Box head
    • 2010 Relocated back to PA for the sake of my youngest son's health (Nashville flood of 2010 nearly killed him with the subsequent molds and mildews that grew after the flood)

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